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Top 9 Tips How to write AIOU Assignments For Beginners

How to write AIOU Assignment.

AIOU is one of the most famous universities in Pakistan, especially for its distanced based learning programs being offered all across the country. This model has helped a lot to improve the literacy rate in the country as those people who were not able to attend schools, colleges, or universities due to their issues; whether financial, social, geographic or demographic, or any other, were able to benefit from the AIOU distanced learning programs

Many AIOU pass-out students serving all around the country have graduated from AIOU. Given that AIOU offers distanced based learning programs, and there is no such guidance and mechanisms available for students as they are in campus-based learning settings. 

Many students who start new degree programs suffer issues regarding how to write AIOU assignments as there is no teacher in physical available for them to guide them to solve those assignments. In this endeavor, we will try to help students learn how to solve assignments and improve their learning capabilities. 

How to write AIOU Assignments

Top 9 tips for writing an AIOU assignment

Let’s discuss the top 9 facts that explain how to write an AIOU assignment. Students are advised to follow the following steps:

  • Understand your task

First, make sure to understand what you are required to achieve in the assignment questions. A clear understanding of any assignment’s objectives and key ideas is very important to solve an assignment. So, students must clearly understand the assignment requirements before solving it. 

  • Do not research very early

Even if you don’t get started writing right away, it’s incredibly important to remember that getting a head start on your research and beginning it early on will cause you to start thinking about what you will write. 

Early thinking about writing your assignment may lead you to misunderstand the requirements and later deteriorate your writing. So, you must first understand what you need to do and how you can do the task to get better results. 

  • Start reading relevant material, and note down key ideas:

After understanding your assignment requirements properly, you should start reading relevant material, whether provided by the university or available on different online forums. Don’t just stick to your textbook; try to learn the idea from different sources to build a strong understanding of the concepts. 

While reading relevant materials, note down the important points you get during your reading. Keep proper track of your noted-down important points and keep them safe with your until you complete the assignments, as usually, it happens that students think some points are not relevant to their assignment. Still, later on, they prove to be important. So, keep this point in mind while collecting material for your assignment.

  • Discuss with some expert

It’s difficult for a student to anticipate gaps, confusion, and possible misinterpretation of facts on the part of the student being created during writing. To overcome this issue, you should discuss your assignment and your perceived understanding of the facts with someone who has already done such tasks or knows about them.

  • Take your time to revise and edit

You will likely need to reread, research, re-organize, and re-think your draft of a recommended solution once you have completed it. It will help you improve your draft by eliminating irrelevant material from your draft and adding more relevant ideas and facts you found during revision and editing. This will be useful to improve the quality of your work and yield better results.

  • Write introduction last

While solving an assignment, do not start with writing an introduction at the start. Start working on your assignment, and after completion, write the main body and solve the assignment. Once you’ve finished the body of your work, you should move on to the introduction. A well-written introduction will serve as a preview of the material to be presented. 

This section must be precise and direct the reader effectively so they can grasp the assignment’s goals, approach, and kind of work. Making a good first impression is impossible unless you know exactly what you will say and do.

  • Check the accuracy of facts reported

It is possible to ignore the accuracy of facts reported in research-based assignments in early drafts being prepared. Verify your information by checking the references you’ve used and reading over any supporting materials you may have used. This will help you eliminate and update the accurate facts and improve the quality of your assignment by reporting accurate facts and figures. 

  • Proofread carefully

This step is often ignored to meet deadlines or because the writer feels he has completed his task. Your writing might contain mistakes such as typing, punctuation, and grammar errors which will lead the reader to think of it as your carelessness or inability to write, which may cause negative results for you. 

So, to avoid this situation, you must make sure that you have proofread your writing thoroughly before submitting it to your supervisor and university. This may take a few minutes, but it surely enhances the quality of your writing after identifying the existing mistakes and correcting them.

  • Forgive yourself or your imperfections

The ability to improve one’s writing skills is an ongoing process. It is impossible to create a flawless first draft, but meeting deadlines is important, and it requires you to do your best within the deadline and then send it to the readers and let them decide. You must ensure you have done your part properly and within the deadline. 

Mistakes to be avoided while writing an AIOU assignment

While writing your AIOU assignments, make sure to avoid the given mistakes; it will explain How to write AIOU Assignments more clearly. The following tips can also be perfect to grasp an understanding of how to write a report for a university assignment. 

  • Often assignments are not properly stable and lead to a bad impression in the reader’s mind.
  • The selection of incorrect layout of the assignments.
  • The inappropriate length of paragraphs of assignments irritates the reader and lead negatively impacts his impression of the assignment.
  • Assignments that are not properly proofread and contain typographical mistakes, spelling errors, and repetition of words and ideas negatively impact the evaluation of the assignment.
  • Incorrect punctuation leads to ambiguity and incomprehension in the text.
  • Often writers use present or future tense instead of past tense while writing.
  • Using abbreviations like “can’t” or “doesn’t” should be avoided in professional English writing.
  • Do not start a paragraph with a figure instead of a text
  • Figures and tables not properly labeled lead to the negative impression
  • Assignments lacking scales on drawings and sketches are negatively viewed.
  • Missing including units on figures is not good
  • Hastily created diagrams that are scribbled 
  • Figures included in the text but not referring to them are considered to be negative
  • Missing important information and not properly addressing the assignment topics
  • Assignments with inadequate and incorrect references yield negative impressions and lead to negative results.
  • An inappropriate writing style for an assignment may also be a negative thing and needs to be avoided into


The purpose of writing was to assist students who lack guidance in distanced learning system and need help to solve their assignments. The author pointed out important steps to be followed by the student while writing an assignment and discussed the process and advantages in detail. How to write AIOU Assignments?

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Later on, the author identified some common mistakes while writing assignments and their potential negative impacts on the quality of assignments. It is hoped that this writing endeavor will be helpful for students at various stages of their educational careers and help them to improve their writing skills. 

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