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How to Write an Essay in English (A Step-by-Step Guide)

There is a famous saying by Shakespeare that “A pen is mightier than the Sword”. But the pen is not enough the mindset of the writer also affects the writing. This article will discuss some of the best English writing tips as well and we will get to know how to write an essay in English.

How to Write an Essay in English in 2024

Many people think you can write an effective English essay if you know English, but there is a great difference between learning and speaking English and writing an effective English essay. Writing an effective essay does not only take English skills it also requires the ability to write effectively in English. These writing skills can be improved by writing essays. 


Essay is derived from the Latin word ‘exagium’ which means presenting one’s case. It is a piece of writing that outlines a story or someone’s perspective. Essays can be formal and informal. Formal essays are normally related to academics or any significant topic. Essays have a specific format and there are several types of essays but, before writing any essay it is better to know how to write an essay in English.  

  • Argumentative Essays: This is the type of essay that encompasses an evidence-based argument. It also requires a clear and defined sentence of the topic known as a thesis statement.  This is the most common type of essay that you will write in papers. 
  • Expository Essays: This is a clear essay; it is entirely focused on the explanation of the topic. No original argument is needed you only have to balance out the view of the topic. These essays are only needed to test the level of familiarity with the topic and your ability to carry out information. 
  • Descriptive Essays: It is an essay that has a description of something in detail. This helps the writer to become more creative. These are more focused rather than academic writing.  This essay can describe anything such as an object or a place. This essay also checks the ability of a person to portray a memorable picture of the thing you are writing about. 
  • Narrative Essays: It is an essay in which one tells a story. This can be a personal experience or imaginative exploration. This also helps in checking the ability of someone they build up a narrative essay that is well-structured and engaging. This is not a strict essay. Still should have a narrative in the beginning and it should have a point of the story at the ending. 

Importance of essay writing in English

How to write an essay in English is one of the most important questions in academic writing. It helps students to think critically and become creative. These people have a strong convincing power. The main purpose of the essay is to assist the writer in viewing things differently.

A good writer has a unique way of writing with great structure and organizing text capabilities. In this article, we discuss tips for essay writing in English. An essay is a writing that is written to persuade or inform someone about anything.

The ability to write effective essays in English helps a person to communicate and express more confidently and effectively. The essay can help in evidence, analysis, or interpretation of anything. In every essay there should be preparation, writing as well and revision. The time duration spent on each stage depends on the type of essay you are about to write. 

Steps of Write an Essay in English

Let’s get our answer to the question of how to write an essay in English. The 7 steps should be considered while writing an essay.

  • Read and understand the topic: It’s better to read and understand the topic so that it is easy to search. It’s better to divide the topic into different parts so these are easy to solve.
  • Plan: You should organize the ideas as well as do brainstorming for better planning and arranging your ideas. You should gather the data and supporting arguments as well.
  • Cite the sources: Never use plagiarized data. You should always cite your text and use quotes a paraphrases from any source but remember citing is the key. 
  • Start with a Draft: Before writing an actual essay it is better to write a draft before that. A draft can help you in making a rough essay which can be further enhanced. 
  • Use a strong thesis statement: The thesis statement should be strong enough that it can give the main idea of the essay. 
  • Write a final essay: After covering all the above steps you should finally write your essay. 
  • Proofread: After writing the essay you should read it thoroughly to figure out mistakes that may occur while writing. 

Stage of writing an effective essay

In this article, we will discuss the what are the best tips for essay writing and how to write an essay in English.  There are three basic steps in writing an effective English essay 

  • Preparation

Before writing an essay you should make sure that you have researched as well as selected the topic clearly. The following things should be considered in preparing an essay. 

  • Define the topic of the essay
  • Gather sources as well as do research
  • Make up a thesis
  • Make an outline
  • Writing

The introduction is the main part of the essay if this is not good the reader will lose interest. The introduction should be something the reader can’t resist. The introduction has generally 10 to 20 percent of the whole essay. The introduction should hook your reader as well as provide the background of the topic. It should also have a thesis statement.

You can also describe the structure you are going to use or the map you are going to follow in the essay. The paragraph’s structure and length should be ideal with a proper conclusion. The following are the things that should be focused on while writing an essay.

  • Write an astonishing introduction
  • Write the main body and organize them
  • Write a conclusion
  • Revision 

Revision should encompass the checking of the content thoroughly with organizing and checking the grammar and spelling as well as proper editing of the document.

  • Do the overall evaluation of the organization
  • Revise each paragraph’s content
  • Do proofreading and grammar check
  • Use a plagiarism checker

Other tips for writing an essay in English

Some other tips that can help in answering the question of how to write an essay in English are: 

  1. The title of the essay should be appropriate so it’s easy to draw attention. 
  2. The title should have a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500 words. 
  3. The language in the essay should be simple and fresh without complications or difficult words. 
  4. Make sure your essay is error-free i.e. without any grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. 
  5. You should always plot a rough draft before writing the original essay.
  6. Make sure your conclusion is tied together to the main concept. 
  7. Never add new arguments to the conclusion.
  8. The essay should be easy to read by readers
  9. The introduction of the essay should encompass the thesis statement
  10. There should be transition sentences that will link the paragraphs.
  11. You should provide references to the data used in your essay.
  12. If your data is based on literature work you should use present tense.
  13. The use of synonyms is preferred when writing an essay.
  14. The sentences used in the essay should be simple.
  15. The essay should be properly formatted.
  16. You should revise the essay after writing it.
  17. You shouldn’t neglect important related information.
  18. Your content should not be plagiarized.
  19. You should avoid using negative language.
  20. You should not use clichés.


In conclusion, essay writing in English sounds like a very fun task but it is of high significance as a person with good English writing skills is hard to find. There are several tips for writing an essay in English we have discussed in this article. Essay writing is a step-by-step procedure First you should plan the essay you want to write you can also make a list for that.

After finalizing the topic, you may start researching the topic or collecting information. After research, you should start writing with the introduction write the main body, and add a proper conclusion for an effective essay writing in English. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I monetize my essay-writing skills?

Yes, if you have effective writing skills you can monetize them there arseveral websites can for writing blogs, essays, or articles.

  1. What is a thesis statement in an essay?

A thesis statement is any sentence that explains the main idea of an essay or any assignment. It can also explain the opinion of the writer. 

  1. What is a topic sentence in an essay?

The topic sentence is the sentence that encompasses the main idea of the paragraph it is the most significant sentence of the paragraph. 

  1. Is the thesis statement important in the essay?

Yes, it is important to write the thesis statement at the start so that the readers get an idea of what the paper is about. 

  1. What is an essay and how many types of essays are there? 

There are several types of essays but all of them are majorly divided into 4 categories I.e. argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptiv,e essays. 

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