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A Step-By-Step Guide – How To Write A Case Study Assignment?

One of the most important skills needed, especially for students, is writing case study analysis. It involves critical thinking on the part of the students. Case study analysis requires problem identification in a given case study, knowledge about relevant theories and professional practices, and making decisions and recommendations to solve these problems presented in the case study. 

How To Write A Case Study Assignment

First, let’s discuss different case studies so that you can better understand case studies for assignments and learning. how to write a case study Assignment. 

Types of Case studies Assignment

Case studies are of different types, as enlisted below;

Illustrative case studies

Illustrative case studies include cases where a commonly known case is examined to enhance the understanding of others. One or two instances of an event are used to describe the situation. This type of case study is commonly used in research methodology and is mainly descriptive.

Investigative or exploratory case studies

Before starting a thorough study, these streamlined studies are carried down. They mainly help identify the possible question and build a foundation for the main study. The study’s initial findings may seem convincing enough to draw conclusions. 

Cumulative case studies

These case studies aggregated the information collected from different sources and at different times. These studies mainly aim to collect past studies to provide more generalization without bearing additional cost or time on new and possibly repetitive studies. 

Critical situation-based case studies

This type of case study mainly focuses on examining one or two sources to examine a unique situation and has little to no interest in generalizability or questioning any universal and acceptable claims. These are mainly used in case of answering cause and effect questions.

Let’s discuss How To Write A Case Study Assignment by learning its proper process. 

Process for writing a comprehensive assignment

To write a comprehensive How To Write A Case Study Assignment, the student must keep the following points in mind:

  • Read carefully

First of all, you must read the case study and questions carefully to understand the main theme of the case study and the problems identified by the case study. You must read the questions and case carefully to understand the linkage between the case study and the questions.

  • Identify the issues

Case studies include discussing a specific problem or a context in a social setting. They often describe a situation causing problems and measures taken to overcome them. You must analyze the situation and identify the problems discussed in the case study.

  • Build linkage theory to practice

After identifying and understanding the problem, you need to link practice to a theory by utilizing your knowledge to identify the positives and negatives of the strategies employed to overcome the problem. 

  • Plan how to answer

Before writing an answer to the questions, analyze your thinking about the problem critically and prepare a proper plan to answer the questions. You can use questions as headings and answer each question. Questions are usually set logically, and you must try to answer them similarly. 

  • Start writing your answer

After building enough understanding of problems and completing your planning to answer the questions, it’s time to implement. Your assignment must be logically built, and a problem format should be followed to make it worthwhile. You can follow the format given below:

  • Executive summary

In this section, you need to introduce your topic, outline the study’s purpose and highlight the main problems you identified and your findings without going into details. Moreover, in this part, you describe the relevant theory and summarise your recommendations.

  • Introduction

Your introduction should enable your reader to clearly understand the purpose of your writing and the entailed processes to solve the assignment. After a detailed reading of the case study and questions, you must clearly understand the problems and how you will describe them. Furthermore, it would be best if you had a clear plan to write your assignment. An introduction starts with a general discussion and moves to specific information. Try to build your argument logically and consistently by including all important information regarding the case so you can conclude it properly. This section ends with a thesis-like statement guiding readers about what to expect. 

  • Findings

In this section, you present the problems you have identified by reading the case study and try to provide factual support being discussed in the case study to your writing about identified problems. Moreover, you should identify and justify the methodologies and analytical tools. This section might be further subdivided into sub-sections. Your heading must be concise and guide the reader. 

  • Discussion

In this section, you should summarise the major problems and provide possible solutions to the identified problems. Briefly discuss each solution and its advantages and disadvantages. At this point, you might need to link your writing to theory and practice. As the case study is related to a specific situation, your discussion should be relevant instead of generalized and include possible learning opportunities for stakeholders. 

  • Recommendations

In this section How To Write A Case Study Assignment. you decide to adopt a specific solution being identified. You should briefly describe your choice and justify it by explaining how it will help solve the problems. Your choice must be aligned with theory and practice as discussed by you in your assignment. Furthermore, you should suggest actions to be taken, who should take those actions, and how to measure the impact of those actions. You can include a cost estimate roughly if possible. It would help if you wrote recommendations in a persuasive, audience-oriented style. Be concise, clear, and precise while writing your recommendations to be attractive to your readers.

  • Conclusion

In this section, you conclude your writing by concisely stating the purpose of the assignment, key points from findings and discussions, recommendations, and limitations of the study, if any.  

  • References

You should cite the relevant studies supporting your arguments and follow the proper referencing style in your assignment. Your references should be in alphabetical order.

  • Appendices 

In this section, you can attach any original date relevant to your analysis and case study, but you could not include it in your assignment as it would have interrupted the flow of the main body of the assignment.

  • Proofreading and editing

As we do in all cases, thoroughly read your assignment and identify any spelling and grammatical mistakes and discrepancies in your explanation regarding issues and their possible solutions. So, it is important to discuss how to write case study assignments. Ensure that you have answered all the questions and that the literature supports your answers. You should check that you have followed the requirements and instructions for solving the case study and that all sources of information are included correctly. Furthermore, check that all references are properly included in your reference list. 

  • Submit 

To determine whether your assignment is ready to submit or not, have a look at your assignment and think that does your assignment looks like it is written by a professional working in the particular situation, who knows the policies and procedures to be followed, and have the idea about professionally dealing the situation. If you feel that you have incorporated all relevant information and considered all the important aspects regarding the situation, your assignment is ready to submit. 


The assignment should properly understand and describe the problem discussed in the case study, and a proper structure to write an assignment is recommended to assist the reader in understanding and evaluating it.  How To Write A Case Study Assignment?

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