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Top 5 Best Universities for CA in Pakistan – Achieve Your Dream

Best Universities For CA In Pakistan

A degree in accountancy and finance that is highly sought after is the CA or Chartered accountant degree. It ensures a prosperous career in a variety of public and private industries.

You can easily join the world’s top corporations after achieving this feat, which requires you to pass the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final levels.

It takes about 5-6 years to complete CA, although the duration can exceed depending on your skill and your master plan for attempting the papers.

The level of difficulty is increased with time and with each qualifying paper. A very small percentage of lucky students clear the exams every year and thus qualified chartered accountants are always in demand.

Several renowned institutions in Pakistan have a rich history and have been producing a fair amount of chartered accountants every year. No doubt the credit goes to the institutions for guiding the students appropriately and the untiring efforts of the students to clear this obstacle.

List of 5 Best Universities for CA in Pakistan

List of 5 Best Universities for CA in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to some of the best business schools that offer different programs along with CA to aspiring students. In this article, we will share the top business schools in Pakistan.

Tabani’s School of Accountancy

Privately owned Tabani’s School of Accountancy, or TSA, is a higher learning institution in Karachi, Pakistan founded in 1998 that offers professional chartered accountancy education.

Tabani’s School of Accountancy

It is one of the best universities for CA in Paksitan.There are three distinct campuses of the school located in Karachi: P.E.C.H.S., North Nazimabad, and Clifton. Approximately 4,000 students attend these campuses

TSA is a top institution according to quality rankings, and they now hope to build on this success by implementing an efficient system of program delivery that is sensitive to the needs of students and concentrates on student-based output measures of quality that are suitable for their chosen field and pertinent to opportunities and needs in the emerging industry. Some of the programs offered by Tabani’s School of Accountancy (TSA) are:

·       CA (Chartered Accountant)

·       ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)

·       CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

·       CMA (USA) (Certified Management Accountant)


Apart from these TSA has an academy for O and A levels, Matriculation, and Intermediate and offers coaching for B.Com as well. Tabani’s School of Accountancy is referred to as one of the best business schools for CA in Pakistan.

TSA’s objective is to provide exceptional teaching that significantly benefits society and yields ground-breaking outcomes. Along with receiving a top-notch education, students will be equipped to use what they have learned to have an influence and positively impact their communities for the rest of their lives.

TSA has a rich faculty that is experienced and focused on producing excellent results. The institute offers various indoor sports facilities to its students for instance table tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Various events and trips are planned throughout the year to keep the students engaged.

SKANS School of Accountancy

SKANS is the abbreviation of an institution, which stands for Skills, Knowledge, and Application Nurtured through a student-managed participative learning approach.

By proactively reacting to student needs, it aspires to be one of the leading business schools in the field of professional accounting education.

SKANS School of Accountancy
SKANS School of Accountancy

The SKANS School of Accountancy has offered its students a nurturing and stimulating learning environment since its founding in 1992.

Under the capable direction of its committed faculty, the school has been achieving outstanding outcomes. The highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty is dedicated to assisting students in achieving success in all of their endeavors.

The first campus in Lahore started functioning in 1995. With campuses in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar SKANS School of Accountancy is in a league of its own. No doubt SKANS is one of the best business schools for CA in Pakistan.

Some of the programs offered by the SKANS School of Accountancy are:

  • CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)
  • (Hons.) in Applied Accounting
  • (FD) Foundation Diploma
  • (PF) In Professional Accountancy
  • (CISA) (USA)Certified Information Systems Auditor 
  • (CFA) Chartered Financial Analyst

Serving the training and development needs of accounting professionals and students is the primary goal of the SKANS School of Accountancy. They plan to achieve their goal by focusing on the following points.

  1. Total Satisfaction of Students
  2. Cost-Effective Services
  3. Progressive and Proactive Learning

SKANS School of Accountancy has an experienced faculty for each level. This ultimately helps the students during their preparations. The Lahore campus has an indoor sports area for students a counseling room, a cafeteria, and a library as well.

Since SKANS values a well-rounded educational experience, both our student body and student council participate actively in a variety of extracurricular activities all year long.

SKANS has consistently organized or taken part in workshops, seminars, competitions, and other activities.

College of Accountancy and Professional Studies (CAPS)

Founded in 1992, the College of Accountancy & Professional Studies (CAPS) offers internationally recognized professional accountancy qualifications in addition to professional knowledge and career education in the field of accounting.

College of Accountancy and Professional Studies (CAPS)
College of Accountancy and Professional Studies (CAPS)

CAPS is a well-known brand in the field of accounting education today. In addition to providing for a sizable student body, it has yielded positive outcomes. 

You will experience all of the perks of student life while attending our cutting-edge, conveniently accessible campus. The faculty members have extensive expertise and are committed to helping students succeed in all of their pursuits.

Some of the programs offered by the College of Accountancy and Professional Studies (CAPS) are:

  • CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)
  • AFD (ACCA Foundation Diploma With Intermediate)
  • CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • (Hons.) in Applied Accounting

Providing their students with the best lectures and outstanding services is the core of CAPS’s educational philosophy.

They are dedicated to giving students an excellent education in an enlightening and refreshing setting so they may concentrate completely on their coursework and come up with the ideal outcomes.

Students at CAPS benefit from the Learning Management System (LMS) and have easy access to recorded lectures, course materials, online assessments, and quizzes in addition to online interactive classrooms. The institute has a library, computer lab, cafeteria, modern labs, and student counseling.

Sports and studies go a long way together.CAPS College offers spaces for a range of sports, such as table tennis, basketball, futsal, and cricket.

Several events, seminars, trips, and workshops are organized for students all year round. These extracurricular pursuits enhance the diversity and fulfillment of a college education.

The Professional Academy of Commerce (PAC)

The Profesional Academy of Commerce also known as PAC  was founded by Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad. PAC is the oldest accountancy institute established in 1987 with a vision to provide quality education in the field of accountancy. Today it is recognized as one of the best business schools for CA in Pakistan.

The Professional Academy of Commerce (PAC)
The Professional Academy of Commerce (PAC)

Since its founding, PAC has made it its goal to advance professional education as well as innovative practices in all areas of business, including law, finance, and accounting. 

PAC’s experience of over 35 years helps the students overcome major and minor hurdles throughout the time of their studies. PAC prides itself in being the most coveted accountancy institute in Pakistan with its students winning a huge number of distinctions and accolades. The majority of PAC’s faculty members are certified chartered accountants. They can analyze the course material more effectively because of their pragmatic approach to the subjects and their solid grasp of the principles they teach.

Some of the programs offered by the Professional Academy of Commerce (PAC) are:

  • CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

PAC wants to establish itself as a globally renowned school that develops young people into well-rounded professionals who can make major contributions to the business sector. PAC has created a strong system of its online presence through which topical lectures, study material, and resources are available online for students.

There are campuses in Lahore, Sialkot, Peshawar and Islamabad.

The core values include:

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Excellence
  4. Fair Treatment
  5. Student care

Recreational activities and physical well-being are indicators of a balanced life. There are facilities on campus where students can play table tennis, basketball, futsal, cricket, and other sports in their spare time.

Apart from these, the campus has a cafeteria, computer lab,  library, and a department of accounting and reporting that works closely with the examination bodies to get useful insights for students. 

Alhamd Academy

The Alhamd Academy was founded in 1998 in Karachi. The Al-Hamd Academy offers instruction in the field of professional accounting.

Over time Alhamd Academy added more disciplines like  BBA, MBA, CMA (USA), etc. along with CA and ACCA. Alhamd Academy has two campuses, first in Karachi and the other in Hyderabad. 

Alhamd Academy
Alhamd Academy

As time went on, over a period of 25 years, Al-Hamd Academy was recognized as the nation’s top-ranked educational institution and was granted corporate entity status through the development of standing procedures, administrative and educational policy restructuring, and affiliations with both national and international organizations.

Some of the programs offered by Alhamd Academy are:

  • CA (Chartered Accountant)
  • ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)
  • PIPFA (Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants) 
  • Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

The mission of Alhamd Academy is to educate and develop leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society worldwide. To accomplish this through our CA, ACCA, PIPFA, and other executive programs. The core values of Alhamd Academy are:

  5. CARE 

The academy has an indoor sports area and a gym as well. It has a library, common rooms, a cafeteria, and a computer lab equipped with modern technology. The academy organizes various events, seminars, workshops, and trips for students so that they can cope with the real world as well. 


All of the business schools mentioned above in the article have a rich history and a solid foundation for teaching CA to students. These are the best business schools for CA in Pakistan.

They have an experienced faculty which matters the most for any student willing to prepare for CA. The teaching faculty creates a huge impact on the results as well. 

However, to pass the final stages you need to put in all your efforts and take your best shot. It requires sheer determination and commitment to clear the finals. The reward is worth the effort. Therefore if you are planning to choose CA as your professional degree, any business school from the above mentioned can be beneficial.


When are the papers for CA held?

CA exams are held twice every year, once in May and the second in November. The booking for exams is done online.

What are the advantages of becoming a Chartered Accountant in Pakistan?

There are several benefits to becoming a chartered accountant in Pakistan, many of which lead to a fulfilling and successful career. Among the principal advantages are:

  • High Demand
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Career Progression
  • Global Opportunities
  • Job Security

What is the period available at each stage for clearing examinations?

  • For the PRC stage: 12 months from the date of the first attempt to pass at least 3 papers. 3 additional months to pass the remaining paper(s), if any.
  • For the CAF stage: 4 years from the date of the first attempt to pass at least 6 papers. One additional year to pass the remaining paper(s), if any.
  • For the CFAP stage: Pass at least four exams within ten years of the training’s start date.* No limit after achieving the 4-paper benchmark.
  • For the MSA stage: No limit if have not been debarred from appearing in examinations in writing by the Institute due to the CFAP time limit.

*Students who have completed training or are undergoing training on 01 March 2022, shall be required to pass at least four papers of CFAP within ten years from Summer 2022 attempt.

Is there an open-book exam in CA?

Yes, there is an open-book exam in CA. But Only the original books duly bound shall be permitted.

What are the career prospects after completing CA in Pakistan?

After completing CA you can opt for different career options like internal audit, finance controller, management consulting, treasury, tax advisor, forensic auditing, etc.

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