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Top 5 Best Art Universities in Pakistan for Creative Minds

The days of ignorance are over, and people all over the world consider arts as a respectable and full-time profession.

People can communicate their ideas, feelings, and thoughts to others through the powerful form of artistic expression, which crosses all boundaries. Pakistan has fostered a thriving art scene throughout the years thanks to its rich cultural past. 

Pakistani art has become well-known throughout the world in both traditional and modern forms

The nation is home to several prestigious art institutes and universities that support artistic ability and give young artists a forum. Pakistan regards poetry as a highly esteemed art form and profession, with Persian being the primary language of expression.

Compared to literature, music, visual arts, and modern dance have received less attention; yet, as popular artistic expressions, painting and sculpture have advanced significantly.

Stereotypes were no longer preventing Pakistan or the art world from progressing. Although the shift was not easy, Pakistan kept learning and developing.

List of 5 Best Art Universities in Pakistan in 2024

In this article, we have shared information about the Best Art Universities in Pakistan. All of these prestigious Art institutions have a rich history and have produced some of the most notable people in the field of arts.

List of 5 Best Art Universities in Pakistan in 2024
List of 5 Best Art Universities in Pakistan in 2024

National College of Arts (NCA)

To preserve and support Punjabi crafts, the NCA was founded in 1875 to meet the needs of the government, local and British counterparts, and other stakeholders.

The building had six rooms at the beginning. In 1881, it saw brief renovations. According to a plan created by the Principal, these makeshift buildings were turned permanent in 1891. 

The school now has adequate workshops furnished with machinery and tools. Studying at the NCA is special because students are involved in the city’s drama rather than just being spectators.

National College of Arts students perform in public on its streets, in its galleries, and in its industries. NCA is without a doubt one of the best art universities in Pakistan.

For the National College of Arts, achieving the title of a Chartered Institute is undoubtedly a cause for celebration. NCA has kept growing its infrastructure and outreach ever since.

Some of the degrees offered by NCA are:

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Design  Visual Communication
  • Bachelor in Textile Design
  • Bachelor in Ceramic Design
  • Master of Visual Art
  • Master of Multimedia Art

The complex features academic buildings, a library, equipment for studios and laboratories, and accommodation for visiting teachers. According to the NCA model, the faculty is made up of visiting, guest, and contractual academics from across the world in addition to a core group of permanent faculty members.

The mission of  NCA is to foster the promotion of culture whilst embracing and innovating to remain at par with contemporary trends in the arts and design.

The auditorium is used by the National College of Arts for art exhibitions, conferences, cultural symposia, and NCA productions, documentaries, and films. 

Various societies are functional in the institute like the puppeteer’s society, the skits society, the mime society, the music society, the dance and the drama society.

The college has its own outdoor sports fields and gymnasium for physical fitness. NCA has its own sports club and teams for Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, and Table Tennis.

Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture

The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) was founded in 1990 by a group of skilled architects, designers, and artists who believed Karachi lacked a prestigious institution that would teach fine art, design, and architecture.

Undergraduate degrees in architecture, interior design, communication design, textile design, fashion design, and fine art are all offered at IVS. 

They are dedicated to teaching their students to be critical thinkers and analysts of experience, as well as to develop their creative potential so they can contribute significantly to society on a personal and professional level in this era of rapid social, technological, and artistic change.

Some of the degrees offered by IVS are:

  • Bachelor of Fine Art
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Textile Design
  • Bachelor of Communication Design
  • M.Phil in Art and Design

Facilities at the IVS include the Marium Abdulla library, Agha Hasan Abedi computer lab, a textile resource center, a printmaking studio, a sculpture studio, a film studio, and a ceramic studio.

Since the school’s founding, community service has been a crucial component of its academic programs and philosophy. IVS is referred to as one of the best art universities in Pakistan.

The goal is to go beyond technical training by emphasizing original thought and behavior. To foster an understanding of the fundamental qualities of the visual arts, both traditional and contemporary, every department, despite its own identity, works closely with the others. The programs are designed with this fundamental principle in mind.

As a volunteer organization, the IVS Students’ Council was founded to support and advise the student body. All full-time students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs are represented by it.

The IVS Student Council is in charge of four distinct societies namely Laaltain, Rahnuma, Vision-IVS, and Feminist Society.

Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Founded in 2003, Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is the first non-profit liberal arts university in Pakistan. It offers higher education in the fields of business, computer technology, design, architecture, media, humanities, and social sciences.

The Punjab government granted BNU the charter to issue degrees in 2005. The university has an experienced and diverse faculty.

The campus is spread over 35 acres conveniently accessible from all major localities of the city. It features three sizable academic buildings, an administration building, a library, a multistory cafeteria, basketball and volleyball courts, football fields, cricket fields, and a safe and secure campus housing option for both domestic and foreign students

Some of the degrees offered by BNU are:

  • Bachelor of Fine Art
  • Bachelor of Design  Visual Communication
  • BA (HONS) Interdisciplinary Expanded  Design and Art [IEDA]
  • Bachelor of Design in Textile, Fashion and Accessory Design
  • Masters in Art and Design Studies
  • Masters in Art Education 

The goal of BNU is to develop capable and influential global citizens in a liberal arts environment that is diverse, socially conscious, and cross-disciplinary.

BNU is quickly becoming recognized as a top-tier liberal arts university while maintaining its status as an impartial, equal-opportunity, genuinely national higher education institution. 

 Different societies and clubs are being run by the students in the university namely Interfaith Society, Character Building Society, Media Club, Music Club, and many more.

Different events, workshops, and seminars are held throughout the year to keep the students engaged in the learning process. 

Cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis are the common sports played at the university. The sports teams actively take part in different competitions around the country. Professional coaches have been provided too. 

Government College University Lahore

In 2002, the Government College, Lahore, which has a glorious 160-year history, was granted university status. GC University Lahore was the new name given to it. This establishment is among the most ancient educational establishments in the Muslim world. 

As a center of higher learning, GC University combines venerable customs with cutting-edge teaching methods to uphold the standards set by luminaries like Dr. Leitner, Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam, and poet and philosopher Dr. Muhammad Iqbal.

Several outstanding publications by domestic and foreign authors are housed in the department’s internal library. To help the students, the department built the Drawing Studio. The department features the Minhas Art Gallery, which features the creations of both established and young artists.

Some of the degrees offered by GCU Lahore are:

  • BFA Graphics Design
  • BS Art History
  • MPhil Art History
  • PhD Art History

GCU is committed to innovation and excellence in the media arts, design, and visual arts. The Fine Art Department places equal focus on creative thinking and technical teaching in state-of-the-art studios.

Government College Lahore has produced many prominent artists of National and International levels.

Government College University Lahore is dedicated to advancing knowledge creation and dissemination that will lead to excellence in academics and research, as well as helping people grow and self-actualize for a brighter future in line with its liberal traditions of scholarship and pluralism.

Various societies are being run in the university to keep the students engaged like the blood donor society, debating society, dramatics club, film study circle, media watch society, and many more.

Students at GC University have access to a wide range of sports and leisure facilities, including boxing, swimming, rowing, squash, table tennis, hockey, gymnastics, cricket, and basketball. 

Government College University Faisalabad

In 1897, the Government College University began operations as a primary school in the current Government College for Women building located in Karkhana Bazar, Faisalabad.

In 1905 and 1924, it received promotions to High School and Intermediate College, respectively. 1933 saw its elevation to the degree level, while 1963 saw the introduction of postgraduate programs.

 When it was given university status in October 2002, the arduous path that began with such a modest beginning came to an end. The main campus spans 37 acres, while work on a 200-acre additional campus has begun at Jhang Road, approximately three to four kilometers from the main campus.

Some of the degrees offered by GCU Faisalabad are:

  • Bachelor in Textile Design
  • Bachelor in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor in Fine Arts

Creating an artistic and educational environment that values creativity, innovation, and conceptual thinking is the Institute of Fine Art’s objective. The institute desires to balance artistry with discipline and art and design knowledge. It is considered to be one of the best art universities in Pakistan.

The university grants degrees in a variety of subject areas. The university has strong linkages to business and serves as a center for social, cultural, and educational activities.

As an institution, the Government University, Faisalabad has a long history of reputation and brilliance. At different times in the institution’s history, renowned academics and notable individuals have served it in a variety of positions.

The university emphasizes the role of sports along with studies. Cricket, football, hockey, basketball, rifle shooting chess, etc are played. The teams participate actively in the HEC competition.

There are fifteen functional societies which include the Qirrat & Naat Society, Jinnah Debating Society, Quiz Society, and GCUF Cultural Society, etc for the students to keep them engaged in their field of interests.


In the above article, we have shared pertinent information about some of the best art universities in Pakistan. If you want to pursue a degree in art, these are the best institutions in Pakistan. All of these institutions have a history of producing some of the finest graduates in the field of art.

If you aspire to achieve your dreams and excel in the field of art, we encourage you to take advantage of our expert academic writing services.

These universities can provide you with a rewarding career as you complete your program. The field of art is completely different when compared to other disciplines. But the unique quality always pays off. Lastly, try your best to get admission to one of these universities and follow your dreams.


What is the scope of fine arts in Pakistan?

Creative students must select fine arts. The fine arts are composed of various fields. You pick up skills in calligraphy, sculpture, drawing, music, fashion, and the arts. Acting and interior design are also taught in several institutions.  They are needed in the digital market space and other sectors. They assist and bring cultural awareness to society. 

What is a bachelor of design in visual communication?

The Visual Communication Design program prepares designers for the demands of society and industry on communication through education and training. In modern culture, emphasis is given to the conception, development, planning, and implementation of visual solutions to challenging issues.

What do you mean by fine art?

Anything made with aesthetic or intellectual intent is considered fine art. It is not the same as ornamental arts or crafts, which, although lovely, have a functional use. The only objective of fine art is to be art, regardless of how beautiful it is or how it expresses thoughts and feelings.

Is NCA a private university?

NCA is a public university and is located in Lahore, Punjab.

What is meant by ceramic design?

Clay and other ceramic materials are used to create ceramic art. It can appear in a variety of ways, such as beautiful ceramics for use as dishes, tiles, sculptures, and other objects.

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