Importance of Education

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Education plays a crucial role in developing a country because it is a basic need of the people. A welfare state always makes Education a priority to provide its people and transform society into prosperous and harmonious societies. Education is essential because it blesses with the knowledge of the world and surrounding. Education enables societies to survive in sustainable and comfortable ways without hurting the resources and elements of nature (Al-Shuaibi, 2014).

Education gives the knowledge to the people about their economic situations and makes them able to face the situations wisely and bring the fruit to their home and country. Education helps people to earn and live a comfortable life. In other words, it is not wrong to say that Education eradicates poverty from society (Broward, 2020).

Education develops societies and makes the people responsible and sensible. People get awareness about the laws and orders in the country and try to maintain them. Education develops the mindset of the people, and people feel it awkward to go against the laws and doing any unethical activity. Society becomes civilised and often denoted as educated societies (Broward, 2020).

To live a safe and secure existence, People must recognise the importance of Education in our daily lives. These forms of productive activities generate information that can help people live better lives. Education teaches societies that hurting someone or killing someone is not a peaceful thing. Killing a single person is the murder of whole humanity (Broward, 2020).

A good education entails more than merely attending school or college and earning a diploma. The country’s a trade and commerce will develop more readily if its population are well-educated. Education encourages the development of self-reliance and a high level of confidence in the ability to do challenging tasks. Their level of living improves as a result of receiving an education (Broward, 2020).

Education also contributes to women’s empowerment. With the power of knowledge, archaic practises such as not remarrying widows and divorced, child marriage, and the Dowry System may be eliminated. Educated women can speak out against injustices that have been done to them. This will have a significant impact on society and the country. This will help to get rid of rapes and other unethical activities (Broward, 2020).

Education is critical in today’s world to contribute to modern society; people must learn about culture, history, and other significant aspects. People are moulded into leaders via their knowledge of (college) courses and by demonstrating how to lead with emotions and fundamental principles. Because educated individuals can readily distinguish between good and wrong, education aids in the reduction of crime. Bad things are happening worldwide, and only capable leaders can lead us in the right direction (School, 2018).


All in all, Education is essential and a basic need of the world, especially for third world countries. Education plays a crucial role to eliminate diseases from societies and craft the community as a civilised society. Education baptises society from the social evils and makes the people live a prosperous, harmonious, peaceful and comfortable life. This why Education must be given to societies on a priority basis. 


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