Psychological Effects of Online classes (Due to Covid-19) on Pakistani students

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Covid-19 has impacted every discipline of life and disturbed the ways of conducting or propagating different responsibilities. The education sector is one of the victims of covid-19 which influenced the learning system and the students’ learning behaviour. In Pakistan, students and teachers face bundles of hurdles and problems acquiring and conducting courses through online portals. During the lockdown, the educational system shifted its entire curriculum to online sources to keep the students engaged with their studies. These online classes are being conducted through different sources like Zoom, Skype, Google Classroom, Microsoft classroom, etc. Some universities and institutes introduced their portals for online classes (Khawar et al., 2021).

Before Covid-19, most of the students and teachers were unfamiliar with this modern way of conducting classes. This sudden shift in the method of teaching method brought some disastrous and terrifying consequences to students’ mental health. Online classes have severely impacted students’ psychology that thoroughly disturbed their studies and social behaviour. One of the significant impacts of online courses on students’ health is anxiety (Mughal et al., 2021).

Anxiety is some fear of something, unusual stress and sweating felt by someone in a particular situation. Students who were taking online class became the victim of anxiety because of different phobias. The thing that created stress on their minds was fear of on-campus exams and lack of satisfaction from the study. Students couldn’t learn how to learn and acquire things in physical classes (Hald et al., 2020).

In online classes, students were easily trapped by outside hindrance. Once their attention got diverted, it became too difficult for them to get back toward the idea being discussed in the class. This kind of situation created a sense of dissatisfaction among the students, which paved the way for anxiety. It has changed their behaviour towards studies and transformed their social patterns(Hald et al., 2020).

Online classes created emotional disorders among the students due to their overburdened assignments and tasks. There is no social cooperation and physical interaction among the students to discuss the problems. However, there is no one for social support to reduce Psychological distress (Zhou et al., 2020).

Online classes changed the behaviour of students and caused to create depression among the students. Students through the online course were unable to achieve what they ought to achieve. This perception has made sadness and mental stress among the students that impacted their learning and mental and physical health. Most of the students became the victim of depression during the lockdown.

Students developed Psychological disorders during online learning because of the lack of proper training about effectively using online portals to get maximum benefits by saving time with adequately maintained health. Students must be trained to get full advantage from online learning unless covid-19 is ended. Students and teachers must know all about using online portals and other sources used to online conduction classes (Hald et al., 2020).


By and large, online classes could be convenient for distance learning, specifically in the current scenario of the Corona Virus. From the sudden imposition, online learning brought different psychological impacts and other disorders in the students. Online learning can be very fruitful for students and teachers if they have complete knowledge about the portals and their usage.


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