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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Concept writers believe in the 100% satisfaction of their clients, and our team urges to meet their expectations. We give immense importance to our clients and work for their satisfaction to our best. We develop our customer’s academic tasks according to their requirements, but some clients don’t get satisfied and demand a refund. We offer them a refund under some policies stated below.

Delay in Orders

  • If we cannot deliver customer’s order on time or unable to complete it in the given deadline. And our clients are unable to use that paper; then we offer a full refund.
  • If we are unable to deliver customers’ orders on time or complete them within a given deadline, but our clients can cope with the deadlines and can be able to use the paper, we don’t offer a full cash refund but the cash refund will base on the time difference.

Low-Quality Paper

  • If our client claims that the delivered paper is plagiarized, at first we expect to get a chance to revise it. But if the client’s deadline is passed, they can get refund by giving proof of the document being copied.
  • If the quality of the delivered document isn’t according to the requirement given by clients, then a refund can be offered accordingly.
  • If our clients aren’t satisfied after the revision of the document, then the refund percentage can be communicated accordingly.
  • If the client approved the draft of the given order and is using the particular paper, then a refund cannot be applicable.


  • If customers didn’t get their order within the given deadline and didn’t hear from us within 2 days, they can request a cash refund.

Wrong Charges

  • If the client has been charged double or extra for whatever reason, they can request a cash refund.
  • We also request our clients to complain to their bank or credit card companies because sometimes, payment can be deducted twice due to an error.

The Procedure of Handling Order Mishaps

  • If any mishap occurs to the client’s order. In that case, they can immediately contact the company itself rather than the third party, i.e., banks, credit card companies, or other law enforcement departments.
  • If clients contact a third party without any notice to the company, this act will be taken as a breach of contract, and the case will be handled accordingly.