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What is cheating?

The act of gaining rewards by breaking the rules/laws is known as cheating. Hiring an online assistant for academic consultancy is considered cheating and still paranoid in the eyes of the world. But looking out for assistance in completing academic tasks is right of students who cannot complete their assignments on their own due to lack of ability in time management or focusing on both professional and academic lives.

Why is academic consultancy not an act of cheating?

When you hire academic consultancy, you are investing money and time by supervising all process of completing your academic task. As per the rules of academic education, this practice is considered lawful and legal as long as the sole purpose of getting academic services is to get guidance and finishing and finalization of the academic task is done by students themselves. It is just like getting help from solved papers or already developed academic tasks that help students understand and execute the particular task perfectly and easily. Hence the essays and assignments work as reference material for students so that they don’t have to research different books or websites. Students will get concise paper and not lengthy one with all the details, which help students to understand their particular topic more effectively. Thus, any academic consultancy firm doesn’t provide the final product to their students and doesn’t allow students to use the provided paper as the final product. If any students still use it as their final product, the company will not be questionable as it will be their responsibility.

How does the blame put on research help companies be baseless?

It is generally believed that research consultancy companies spread plagiarism among the education system. Such consultancy companies are only act as helping hand for such students who need to earn for their families, go through other problems, manage other activities or feel difficulty in English. Other than this, some students seek an easy way out due to procrastination and choose assistance from research help consultancy companies.

How does it work for the students and professors?

Academic consultancy companies provide outlines to their clients to help them set the base of their research regarding particular academic tasks and execute it later on. Academic consultancy is adopted by most students twice or thrice in their whole educational term, and it doesn’t affect their expertise and intelligence. Academic consultancy can help students to do their academic tasks easily and more effectively. It’s the responsibility of academic consultancy companies not to provide end products to their customers so that they can finish their work on their own and can be able to learn. Students who get helped can complete their academic tasks with original content, and professors will not identify a trend of copy-pasting among students.

How do researchers work?

Researchers working under academic consultancy companies know about their work and can only provide outlines of the particular task. They are told not to give a final product to the clients. They are aware that students will change the given paper according to the guidelines issued by their professors and can add additional information or even rephrase the given information to meet their requirements.

Who benefits at the end?

Academic consultancy companies are the reason that various researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders get employments. At the same time, students benefit by getting excellent grades on completing their academic tasks by getting help from professionals.

Does this mean that this service can be used?

Yes, this service can be used by staying within educational ethics and code of conduct boundaries. However, employees and clients should know that the provided paper is only used as reference material and can’t be submitted to professors without proper assessment. So if anyone wants to complete their academic task perfectly and ace their grades can get help from academic consultancy companies.